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Hippominder. clock for horse service intervals: farrier, vaccination, worming.
Reminder with alarm display. Hippominder is an electronic device that stores the most important horse dates and reliably reminds you when the adjusted time has run out. The device is approximately 10 cm long and 3 cm wide and sticks on metallic surfaces like saddle cabinets or refrigerators with a magnet on its backside. With its ring on one side you can even hang it on a hook.

It has a high resolution LCD display and a red warning LED. On the display all important dates for your horse will be shown clearly and at one sight. For every date (farrier, vaccination, worming) you can see the remaining time by the amount of black filled petals of every flower. A due date will be shown with a completely filled flower and a blinking bell symbol and also a blinking red LED.

The running time of the battery is approximately 2 years. A necessary change of battery will be shown with a symbol and can be done without loosing your date.


Hippominder overview
interval lengths from one day to 98 months are possible
shows upcoming farrier, vaccination and worming service dates
service dates shown in a single display
LED alarm
previous settings restored automatically

operating instruction
simple and individualised operation guaranteed more ...

available at your vet, in equestrian shops and online. more ...
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